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Shivedale School

Shivedale School
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For Parents

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  • The school will be kept open on all six days of a week except II & IV Saturday. Parents – Teacher Conferences will be held only on second Saturdays.
  • All parents should check the portal on daily basis for school updates.
  • All parents should send the children to school in a neat and clean uniform and according to the suitability of the weather.
  • Please ensure that the children's hair is free of lice, dandruff, dirt and excessive oil. Parents should also see to it that their child’s nails are short and clean. Nail polish & henna is strictly prohibited.
  • Parents should notify the school in case of a change of address, telephone numbers, etc. well in advance.
  • Parents should inform the school about situations like birth, death, separation from a joint family, etc. as these kinds of situations are confusing for children and they need a lot of emotional security and understanding in order to pass through these events without being mentally or emotionally bruised and the school can play an important role in this matter
  • Parents should meet the teacher regularly on parents teacher consultations day to discuss the academics and personality development of their child.
  • All parents must pick up the results on the notified day and time. In case parents cannot come on the day given, they must inform the school in writing and collect it on the next day given from the Office.

Please note that the result will not be handed over to any other person except parents until the person submits a letter of authority signed by any one of the parents.