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Shivedale School

Shivedale School
Shivedale School Hardwar
Sapphire International School
Sapphire International School


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  • Classes begin in the month of April and continue until March.
  • Students and their parents should observe punctuality which is an important aspect of personality development. The children should be left in school fifteen minutes before the class and should be picked up from the school fifteen minutes after the class. If due to unforeseen circumstances a student cannot be picked up in time the class teacher should be informed.
  • Before coming to school the child must be made answer to the call of nature, brush his/her teeth, bathe, eat a nutritious breakfast and be dressed neatly in a clean uniform. All seasonal clothings such as sweater, raincoat and blazer etc. should have name or names embroidered on them. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any nameless articles.
  • Children must not be sent to school with toys, money, ornaments etc. The school will not be responsible if any of these articles are lost. Fee money must not be given to the children.
  • If parents wish to celebrate the birthday of their child at school, it can be previously arranged with the teachers.Pencils, erasers, balls, balloons & pens etc. may be distributed to the children.



  • The lunch box of the child should be packed neatly and should not be put with the school bag as it spoils the books (Please see Recommended Food Ltd.)
  • In order to preserve rapport between teacher and pupil, observation and visit by parents/guardians during school hours are not allowed Teachers are available for consultation on IInd only Saturday (From 9 a.m 11 a.m)
  • Parents/guardians are requested not to consult any teachers during the working hours.
  • Children who are sick should not be sent to school. Children suffering from infectious diseases must not be sent to school, until they are completely cured are doctor’s certificate is obtained.
  • Parents/ guardians must check the child’s diary and sign it daily.